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Efficient & Effective Traffic Ticket Defense

At Emerald City Law Group, we understand the stress of receiving a traffic ticket. Our Seattle-based traffic ticket lawyers assist drivers with speeding tickets and other traffic citations by approaching cases with precision and the commitment required to get you the most favorable outcome possible.

We can often appear in traffic court without the driver present. Whether it’s obtaining a dismissal or an amendment from a moving violation to a non-moving violation, we fight to keep your driving record clean.

Drive with confidence. Get Emerald City to help with your ticket.

Based in Seattle, We Assist People Across Washington and Offer Virtual Consultations. Initial Consultations are Free, Confidential, and We’re Available 24/7 to Answer Your Questions.

Seattle, WA Traffic Violations – You Have Options

Don’t Just Pay the Ticket & Accept Your Fate.

No one expects to be pulled over going to work or taking their kids to school, but mistakes happen. At the same time, wrongfully issued tickets also occur, and you’re entitled to tell your truth and contest the allegation. Emerald City Law Group proudly represents drivers in King County, WA, and beyond. Our experienced and skilled traffic ticket defense attorneys can assist with:

  • Speeding Tickets
  • Red Light Violations
  • Stop Sign Infractions
  • Failure to Yield Infractions
  • Wheels Off Roadway Infractions
  • Cell Phone Infractions
  • Per Electronic Device in Hand
  • Driving without a License
  • Distracted Driving
  • No Insurance Tickets
  • CDL Violations
  • HOV Lane Violations
  • Equipment Violations
  • License Suspensions/ Reinstatements

Emerald City Law Group believes everyone deserves top-tier legal support. Our traffic attorneys consistently deliver results that save clients time, money, and their license from suspension.

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Why You Need a Lawyer for Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets Aren’t Set in Stone.

From negotiating reduced penalties obtaining complete dismissals, we are committed to getting the best possible outcome. So spare yourself the expense, hassle, & possible suspension.

Many overlook hiring an attorney after receiving a ticket, assuming they can explain an officer’s or their own mistake. But unknown legal procedures often confuse drivers, turning winnable cases into losses. Worse yet, many people simply accept guilt and pay the fine. A single ticket can increase insurance rates, sometimes causing your insurance rates to increase for three years. An experienced traffic lawyer can save you significant time, money, and aggravation.

Avoid the Consequences of a Traffic Ticket

Traffic tickets in and around Seattle might seem minor, but they can have a significant impact.

Washington Traffic Penalties

  • Monetary Fines: Fines vary by offense and location. Speeding tickets range from over a hundred to several hundred dollars, and fines double in school or construction zones. Surcharges, varying by county, might exceed the initial fine.
  • License Suspension: Washington doesn’t use a point system. Instead, the DOL tracks offenses. Multiple violations can lead to a license suspension.
  • License Revocation: Beyond suspension, your license may be cancelled after serious incidents. After the revocation period and meeting requirements, license reinstatement is necessary.
  • Higher Insurance Premiums: Paying a moving violation ticket can affect your driving record for three years. A single ticket might raise your insurance premium by 20%, costing significantly more.
  • CDL Eligibility: The impact of receiving too many tickets on anyone with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is serious and the consequences can be staggering. As professional drivers, your employment can be in serious jeopardy, even if you were not working or in a wor vehicle when you were issued a ticket.

Navigate Traffic Court the Right Way

Whether your ticket is for speeding in a school zone, an illegal turn, or rolling a stop sign, dealing with a ticket is a nuance. But you need to act fast. You’ll generally have to respond to citations within 15 days. Delays can result in additional fees or losing the right to contest the ticket.

On the back of your ticket, you will find three ways to respond:

  • Pay the Ticket: Mail the payment with the ticket. It’s easy, but you’re admitting that you committed the infraction, which affects your driving record.
  • Mitigation: Appear in court to request a reduced penalty based on your circumstances. The ticket remains on your record.
  • Contest the Ticket: Request a contested hearing. The government must prove that you committed the infraction. Winning means no penalty. Otherwise, you’ll owe the original fine.

Trust Emerald City to Challenge Your Ticket

Our traffic ticket lawyers know Washington’s traffic laws and court procedures inside and out. We’ll evaluate your ticket, advise on the best course of action, and represent you as we strive to get your ticket dismissed, reduced, or deferred if a dismissal or reduction to a non-moving violation is not possible.

Speeding Tickets & More – We’ll Contest It.

From scrutinizing the equipment used to clock your speed to challenging the officer’s observations, we leave no stone unturned. If there’s a way to get your ticket dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation, we’ll find it.

"Thank you for the excellent representation...

Emerald city law group was amazing and helpful from the beginning. Very easy to work with and made a stressful situation as stress free as possible, very professional and swift. I would recommend going to them over any others. Hands down best experience.

Seattle, WA Traffic Ticket FAQs

Can a Lawyer Help with a Traffic Ticket?

Absolutely! From achieving dismissals to getting significant reduction, a lawyer can often achieve outcomes that drivers cannot. Emerald City Law Group has an extremely high success rate in obtaining dismissals and reductions to non-moving violations. Our clients are very infrequently found committed on the original infraction.

Will Hiring a Lawyer Cost More than Paying the Ticket?

While there’s an upfront cost to hire a lawyer, the long-term savings from reduced or dismissed tickets—like lower insurance premiums and no court fees—often make it cost-effective.

How Does the Contesting a Ticket Work at Emerald City?

Once you provide us with your ticket details, we’ll handle everything, from paperwork to court appearances. We can typically appear in traffic court on your behalf, handle communication via email, and try to make the process as easy as possible.

Is My Driving Record Permanently Affected by a Ticket?

Not necessarily. While some violations stay on your record for years, proper legal representation can, minimize long-term impacts.

What if My Ticket Involves a Serious Offense Like Reckless Driving?

Emerald City Law Group is equipped to handle a range of traffic offenses, from basic citations to serious criminal violations, like Reckless Driving. We will diligently work to defend your rights and seek the best possible outcome, regardless of the accusation.

Can Emerald City Law Group Help Visitors with Washington Tickets?

Whether you’re a tourist, business traveler, or visiting family, our team can represent you in court, often without requiring you to be present. This can be particularly beneficial for those who cannot easily return to Seattle for a court appearance. If you’ve received a ticket while visiting the area, it’s essential to contact us promptly to understand your options and ensure timely action.

We Fight Tickets in Seattle & Beyond

Emerald City Law Group provides Seattle and the greater Washington area with high-caliber legal representation for those dealing with traffic citations. If you’ve received a speeding ticket or another traffic infraction, call Emerald City Law Group right away.

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