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Top-Notch Washington Property Crime Defense

Emerald City Law Group understands what you’re facing when you’re accused of theft, fraud, or any property offense. Our property crime defense lawyers know Washington’s laws and how to keep you out of jail, protect your record, and prove your innocence. Our defense team is compassionate, motivated, and has what it takes to get you the best possible outcome.

From reduced charges to complete dismissals, trust Emerald City Law Group if you’re charged with a property crime.

Based in Seattle, We Assist People Across Washington and Offer Virtual Consultations. Initial Consults are Free, Confidential, and We’re Available 24/7 to Answer Your Questions.

The Many Types of Property Crimes

Your case needs dedicated attention from a defense lawyer who knows what you’re dealing with. At Emerald City Law Group, we’ve successfully defended clients like yourself who have faced all types of property crimes in King County, WA, and beyond.

Our team knows your options and can guide you through every aspect of:

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Washington Property Crimes – What to Know

From theft and burglary to fraud and vandalism, Washington’s Revised Code (RCW) outlines several property crimes with varying degrees of severity. Convictions will likely result in severe penalties and collateral consequences that may impact your entire life.

If you or a loved one are arrested for a property offense, whether at the misdemeanor or felony level, it is essential to be informed and take the matter seriously with qualified legal representation.

Seattle Property Crimes – Penalties & Consequences

The Seattle property crime rate has been climbing, so Washington courts are cracking down on property-related offenses.

Here’s what you’re facing if charged with a property-related crime:

  • Jail/Prison Time
  • Fines & Restitution
  • Lengthy Probation
  • Court-Ordered Diversion Programs
  • Lost or Limited Job Prospects
  • Housing Issues
  • Loss of Gun Rights
  • Strained Relationships/Imposition of No Contact Orders
  • Immigration Problems
  • Reduced or Revoked Child Custody
  • Travel Restrictions
  • Social Stigma
  • Imposition of mental health or alcohol/drug treatment

Dealing with Property Crime Charges

We know that criminal charges can intimidate and overwhelm you, especially if you’ve never been involved in the legal system. At Emerald City Law Group, our property crimes attorneys know how these charges are often based on mistakes or committed out of desperation. We’ll communicate openly with you and aggressively defend your interests.

When you’re arrested for an offense like theft, burglary, or trespassing, you’ll likely be booked into the local jail, photographed, fingerprinted, and processed. You might be released with a summons to appear in court depending on the circumstances. Sometimes, bail might be required.

Following your arrest, you must attend an arraignment in one of the superior or district courts, such as Seattle or Kent. Here, you’ll learn of the official charges and enter a plea.

After the arraignment, your attorney will review the police report, consult with you, commence negotiations with the prosecutor, and file any appropriate legal motions to address evidentiary deficiencies. If no resolution is reached, the case may proceed to trial.

How a Property Crimes Lawyer Helps You

Property crime charges should be treated seriously with care. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can build a strong defense. Emerald City Law Group will explain the law and ensure you understand your rights.

We will investigate your case and build a defense customized to the facts in your property crimes case.

Defending Against a Property Crime in Washington

Being charged with a property crime does not guarantee a conviction. Consulting with a proficient property crime attorney ensures all defensive avenues are pursued. While public defenders are adept lawyers, their large caseloads can sometimes limit the detailed attention they give to individual cases.

There are several defense strategies a property crime attorney can employ to challenge the charges or even seek a dismissal. Common defenses include disputing the circumstances of the alleged crime, challenging the evidence’s admissibility, questioning the validity of search and seizure procedures, and presenting alibis or other evidence that casts doubt on the defendant’s involvement.

Alternative Property Crime Punishments

While a property crime conviction might result in incarceration, a lawyer can significantly mitigate the consequences, even if convicted. Your attorney can argue for alternatives to traditional jail time, such as diversion programs.

For first-time property crime offenders, it’s not uncommon for jail time to be substituted with participation in these programs. This allows individuals to make reparations, attend educational sessions, and engage in community service. Completing a diversion program can often lead to reduced charges or even case dismissal, emphasizing rehabilitation over punishment.

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Property Crime Offenses: Info & Resources

Our attorneys are here to help you effectively and creatively handle criminal charges and protect your rights. We hope you find this information helpful. If you or a loved one are accused of a property crime, contact Emerald City Law Group Immediately.

What Constitutes a Property Crime in Washington?

In Washington state, property crimes refer to offenses where the primary objective is the illegal acquisition of someone else’s property or the malicious destruction of that property. Some leading property crimes outlined in the Washington State Revised Code include theft, burglary, trespass, and arson.

Do I Need an Attorney in a Property Crimes Case?

You are legally allowed to represent yourself in any criminal case, including a property crime case. However, it is important to note that representing yourself can be difficult, complex, and that you are held to the same standards as a practicing attorney.

Property crime laws can be complicated and the legal process can be confusing. If you are convicted of a property crime, it can have serious consequences for your future. Consulting with a qualified property crimes lawyer is in your best interest.

Can Property Crimes Be Expunged in Washington?

You might be eligible to expunge your property crime in Washington, but several conditions apply. After completing your sentence, including fines, restitution, and jail time, there’s a mandated waiting period, which varies by crime type (e.g., two years for petty theft and five years for grand theft).

During this wait, you must remain crime-free. To finalize the process, you’ll need to file a petition and attend a court hearing where a judge determines your eligibility for expungement.

Don’t Wait. Call a Seattle Property Crime Defense Lawyer

Working closely with a defense attorney who understands Washington laws and can help protect your rights is essential. If you cannot contact us right away, you can have a family member or friend call Emerald City Law Group. We will help them understand the next steps forward.

Emerald City Law Group Will:

  • Listen to your story and investigate your case thoroughly.
  • Discuss your options honestly and clearly.
  • Challenge weak evidence and aggressively advocate for you.
  • Keep you informed throughout your case.
  • Work diligently to ensure the best possible result for you.

Skilled Attorneys Serving Washington – Free Consults 24/7

Emerald City Law Group provides Seattle and the greater Washington area with high-caliber legal representation for those facing property crime accusations.

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