I was truly blessed

“Lauren Wegener with Emerald City Law Group brought me on, representing me on a complicated DUI case and made me feel like family from the onset. She had my back and we worked together to be proactive, completing all necessary pre arraignment classes etc etc. I was truly blessed to find her and have her on my side; believing in me and fighting for me thoroughly on my behalf thus landing me the best result I could ever possibly ask for. I am so unbelievably happy with the outcome she advocated and I am positive I could not have gotten a better result elsewhere!”

I was treated like a person

“Through one of the toughest and what I thought lowest points in my life; I was treated like a person and my story was heard and taken into accountability, and I was constantly reminded that this mistake would NOT define me and that we would get through it together. I never had any trouble with the law so it was extra terrifying for me but with the help of my attorney; specifically Lauren Wegener, she helped make me feel validated and normal when I was feeling anything but for my mistake. If you’re needing a group that’s understanding, sees you as the person you are and will fight for you to the end this is it. Emerald City Law will.”

5 stars!

“I am given Emerald City Law Group 5 stars because yelp doesn’t have 10! Lauren and team are the best. They argued my case for me for some pretty significant allegations. I have been traveling a lot and the team was able to handle everything over the last couple of months without me ever having to go to the courthouse myself. Should I ever be in the need of a law firm again (let’s hope not) I will be sure to call the Emerald City Law Group.”

I can’t thank them enough

“Emerald City Law has helped me five separate times over the past four or five years and each and every decision has come out in my favor. Hard to beat a 100% success rate and I can’t thank them enough. They have my full confidence and I highly recommend them.”

Thank you for the excellent representation

“Excellent Law Firm! They explained the process, answered all my questions and If I Left a voicemail, the response was quick. Very personable and I had a positive outcome with my case. I highly recommend Emerald City Law Group!!! Thank you for the excellent representation.”