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If you find yourself accused of violating your probation, it will take experienced Seattle probation violation hearing lawyer to build the most effective defense possible and mitigate the consequences you are facing. Probation violations occur when an individual on probation fails to meet the terms or conditions required by the court. These violations are treated sternly under state law in Washington with possible punishments including jail time, fines, or an extension of probation. The types of penalties you may face depend on the severity of your violation, past warnings or violations on your record, or any other circumstance that affects the seriousness of your offense.

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Probation Under Washington State Law

If you’re found guilty of an offense in the state of Washington, whether through entering a guilty plea or by trial, you may be offered probation in place of jail time. If you serve probation, you are permitted to reside within the community for a pre-determined period of time, as long as you fulfill the requirements and conditions of your agreement with the court. A probation officer is assigned to supervise you while you’re on probation. These officers enforce the terms of your agreement and inform the court if those conditions are violated. An experienced probation violation attorney can provide advocacy in matters related to your probation requirements and any alleged probation violations you’re allegedly accused of committing.

Common Probation Requirements

If you are on probation, you may be required to abide by several conditions, including:

Possession of Weapons
An individual on probation is not permitted to possess a firearm or other type of dangerous weapon. However, ownership of the firearm is not specifically addressed by the statute.

Drug Use
Courts in Washington retain the authority to order drug tests as required, and you are required to pay for the costs of these tests.

No Additional Violations
If you commit an illegal offense in or out of the state while under probation, you will be found guilty of violating your agreement with the court.

Performing Community Service
In many cases, individuals on probation are required to serve a pre-determined amount of community service.

Additional probation conditions that may be imposed by the court include:

  • Reporting regularly to your probation officer
  • Residing with parents, in a halfway house, or in a foster home
  • Retaining continuous employment or school enrollment
  • Providing support for dependents
  • Providing timely payment of fines and costs
  • Attending a medical treatment plan mandated by the state

If you adhere to the rules and complete your probation successfully, this fulfillment will appear on your criminal record, and you will be free from further probation requirements.

If you fail to comply with even one condition of your agreement, the court may move to revoke your probation, leaving you with more serious consequences. A Seattle probation violation hearing lawyer from Emerald City Law Group with the right experience and skills may be able to minimize these consequences on your behalf.

Consequences of Violating Your Probation

Punishments issued for probation violations are determined based on the type and severity of how you violated your agreement. Your probation officer may bring you before the court if they have reason to believe you are violating the terms of your probation. On this topic, the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 9.95.220 states, “for this purpose, any peace officer or state parole officer may re-arrest any such person without warrant or other process. The court may thereupon in its discretion without notice revoke and terminate such probation.”

A preponderance of the evidence is required to find you in violation of your probation. If you are found guilty, you will face additional sentencing which may include increasing the length and terms of your probation, community service, or mandatory attendance of a rehabilitation program. Additionally, you may be sentenced to a certain amount of jail time, or you may be sentenced to serve out the remainder of your original jail or prison sentence.

How to Prepare for a Probation Violation Hearing

Any person accused of a probation violation will benefit by understanding their legal rights and obtaining the services of an experienced Seattle probation violation hearing lawyer.

When you’re facing charges for this offense, you have the right to:

  • Obtain a written notice of the claimed violations against you
  • Have representation by an attorney
  • Have your case heard before a neutral judge
  • Present witnesses and evidence to back up your case

Possible Defenses Against a Probation Violation Charge

Proving your innocence against a probation violation charge is more difficult than defending yourself against a standard criminal charge in a criminal case. Your probation violation attorney may employ one of several defense strategies to minimize or eliminate the penalties you are facing for an alleged violation, including:

  • Demonstrating through recorded travel routes and phone records that you did everything possible to avoid making contact with the victim
  • Improper drug or alcohol testing methods were used
  • You were hospitalized or incarcerated, and therefore not able to make appointments with your probation officer

Other defenses may be more appropriate depending on the nature of the probation violation charge. To discuss other possible defenses in your case, contact a Seattle probation violation hearing lawyer from Emerald City Law Group today.

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