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Our Core Values

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While many attorneys tout a commitment to excellence and professionalism, Emerald City Law Group takes its obligation to our clients to the next level.

We are driven by and take to heart a carefully measured set of values that are central to our firm and more importantly our clients’ success. These core values serve as the philosophical and cultural foundation of Emerald City Law Group.

Here are our 16 core values and how we apply them to the cases we handle:

1. Commitment to common goals and being successful

When Emerald City Law Group was created, it was done so with an eye toward making it the best law firm for clients in Seattle and the best law firm to work for in Seattle. It’s the reason we come to work early and stay late. It’s the reason we return your phone calls promptly. It’s the reason we take tough cases and tackle them head on.

2. Unselfishness

Since our firm is comprised of the best and the brightest, we embrace a team approach to each case so that you get multiple perspectives and an unparalleled attention to detail.

3. Unity

We win together. Unity means when someone has a problem, you do everything you can to help. From complex legal issues to a piece of trash on the floor, or when someone is out sick, we pick up the slack and take care of it.

4. Improvement every day as a person and a professional

No one rests on their laurels at Emerald City Law Group. Every day we wake up and come to work with two goals: to get better professionally and to get better personally. Every member of our team sets and measures goals, is committed to constantly learning about new trends in the legal profession, and strives to find new ways to succeed together.

5. Toughness

In everything a lawyer does, there is someone on the other side trying to do exactly the opposite. The adversarial legal system breeds a level of mental toughness. The most skilled lawyers thrive on that conflict.

6. Self-discipline

We consider ourselves to be constant professionals and will overcome any weakness or obstacle in pursuit of our goals.

7. Great effort

The difference between a lawyer and a great lawyer is the amount of time they are willing to work on a case. We understand that principle, and aren’t the type of firm that just punches a clock. We’re in it for the long haul, giving great effort every day, on every case, with every client.

8. Enthusiasm

When people enter the legal profession, they want to do some good. We try to encourage and nurture that original level of excitement in every hearing, motion filing, and negotiation.

9. Eliminate mistakes

We work every day to implement systems, processes, checks, and double checks, to make sure that we eliminate as many avenues for mistakes as possible.

10. Fail forward

In any profession and generally in life, failure should not be feared. Rather, it should be seen as stepping stone to success and future greatness. For us, when we go after something and it doesn’t work out we use that as a learning experience. We get better. We analyze what we did and we move forward.  It promotes a free expression of ideas among every employee at any level and sense of risk-taking that nets us the great results we get.

11. Never give up

When we represent you, whether it’s a car accident, a DUI, a traffic ticket, or for some other legal issue, we know what’s at risk for you. We don’t take our responsibility to you or your family lightly and are committed to give you and your case our very best from start to finish.

12. Don’t accept losing

No one from Emerald City Law Group will roll over and accept defeat. There is always an argument to make and you can be sure we will work hard to obtain the best possible outcome.

13. No self-limitations

One thing we’ve learned at Emerald City Law Group it that in most cases, it is your own self-doubt holding you back. From our attorneys to paralegals and assistants, we try to cultivate a positive atmosphere. Even the toughest cases can be won and we’ll do everything under the law to get the best results every time.

14. Consistency

Whether you have been involved in a minor fender bender, a serious car wreck, or are on trial for your life, we want you to have the same amazing experience with an attorney who comes to work every day doing their utmost to passionately represent your interests.

15. Responsibility

This word carries a lot of weight here. We not only have a tremendous responsibility to our clients, but also to our team members and ourselves. If we have to work longer, we’ll do it. If we need to make difficult choices, we’ll make them. If we should have difficult conversations, we will have them. Our aim is to be leaps and bounds ahead of every other personal injury and criminal defense firm in Seattle and we take that very seriously.

16. Insist on the highest standard

People have a certain level of expectation when they hire an attorney. After all, it is usually to address a very serious issue and for the money they are spending, they should be confident in their decision. At Emerald City Law Group, we take a lot of pride in promising a great experience and the best results possible. We know the only way to back that up is to hold ourselves to an extremely high standard.

We are confident that our knowledge, experience, and adherence to these core values will provide you with the best legal service possible. Our promise is to listen to you, foster direct and honest communication, as we work tirelessly to earn your trust and fight on your behalf.

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