If you’re shopping for gifts and items this holiday season, it’s important to be mindful about what you buy. Unfortunately, there are a variety of defective products on the market that can lead to serious injuries for you and your loved ones.

Below, we’ve listed several tips to help you avoid buying defective products over the holidays. In the event you do purchase a faulty product that injures you or a loved one, contact an experienced Seattle defective products lawyer at Emerald City Law Group.

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Steps You Can Take to Make Safe Purchases This Holiday Season

Rather than heading to the checkout line or clicking check out online without any thought, take the time to evaluate the products you’re about to buy. Here are some tips that can help you reduce your risk of purchasing defective products:

Avoid Being an Early Adopter

Early adopters are people who use new products and technologies before others. Since early adopters are the first ones to face defective products, refrain from being one of them. If possible, wait and see if those who buy and use new products first experience any issues.

Check for Product Recalls

Requests from manufacturers to return products after safety issues or product defects have been discovered are known as recalls. You can find out whether the products you would like to purchase have been recalled by visiting www.recalls.gov. This website makes it easy to search for product recalls and sign up for emails so that you’re in the know about new recalls.

Read Online Reviews

Fortunately, there are online reviews for almost every product out there. Before making a purchase, take the time to read several online reviews. If you notice many reviewers stating that a product caused injuries or they feel that it’s unsafe for any reason, it is in your best interest to refrain from buying it.

Be Careful with Used Products

While used products can save you money this holiday season, they can also be risky. If you do decide to purchase a used product from a thrift store or online listing, apply pressure to it to determine its durability. Avoid buying used products that seem like they’ve been overused and have lost their quality.

Focus on Quality Over Price

It can be tempting to opt for inexpensive products when you’re trying to save money during the holidays. However, doing so can sometimes do more harm than good. Many cheaper products are poorly designed and made with low-quality materials. They have a higher risk of injuring consumers than products that are a bit more expensive yet constructed with optimal safety in mind. Focusing on quality over price can save you from purchasing dangerous products you later regret.

Search for Product Evaluations

The American Society for Testing and Materials is an international standards organization with a mission to develop and publish technical standards for a variety of materials, products, and services. It’s wise to purchase products that have been evaluated and approved by this organization.

Identify Where Products are Manufactured

The majority of products on the market are manufactured overseas in countries with minimal to no safety regulations. While this does not mean that all American made products are safe, they are generally manufactured with higher standards than products that were made overseas. Sticking to American made products may reduce your risk of purchasing defective ones.

Injured by a Defective Product? Contact Emerald City Law Group

Although holiday shopping can bring us great joy, it can also lead to serious injuries from defective products. If you or a loved one sustains an injury from a faulty product, reach out to a highly skilled defective products lawyer today.

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