Multiple law enforcement agencies led a drug bust over five counties that resulted in 35 arrests around the Puget Sound area. Approximately 500 officers raided 45 different locations in an operation that was dedicated to taking down a major drug ring. The arrests make up the fourth drug bust in a series aimed at reducing the amount of drug trafficking and gang violence in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Those arrested, mostly facing drug and gun charges, will appear before the U.S. Court.

The U.S. government is using its resources to crack down on areas that have been identified as “hot spots” of violent or gang-related crimes. Federal law enforcement collaborated with local agencies in declaring that Seattle is a hot spot for drug-related offenses. As crackdowns continue to occur, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of facing the legal system on your own. If you’re being investigated about drug crimes in the Seattle area, you need someone to have your back. A skilled drug lawyer will understand your rights and how to keep them from being infringed. Contact our legal team at Emerald City Law Group today at 206-973-0407 to schedule your free consultation.

Fourth in Series of Seattle Crackdowns on Drug Trafficking

For over a year, local police worked with federal agents in coordinating the drug bust, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s office. Crime, specifically drug crime, has been a growing concern in the South Sound communities. This operation was part of the county’s continual efforts to take down drug sellers and abusers. The first bust of the series involved five people selling crack cocaine in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle. The second bust yielded 20 arrests, mostly for meth and heroin trafficking, in South King County. The third bust resulted in the disbanding of two groups selling methamphetamines, also in South King County. After the most recent arrests, the FBI reaffirmed its commitment to finding and addressing channels of drug trafficking in this area.

Many Will Face Drug Charges as Result of the Drug Bust

According to the arrest reports filed, those arrested face numerous drug charges. Law enforcement discovered the trafficking of multiple drugs, including cocaine, heroin, oxycodone, fentanyl, and illegal marijuana. Investigators also found drugs on the premises that were raided, including seven pounds of cocaine, 32 pounds of heroin, and 95 pounds of methamphetamines. Notable amounts of fentanyl, ecstasy, and marijuana were also discovered.

Investigators also confiscated an array of firearms. 75 guns were seized at the sites of the operation as well as 22 vehicles and roughly $327,000 in cash. The possession of these weapons combined with the drug charges makes the defendants’ potential penalties all the more severe. The respective prison time of those charged ranges from five years to life in prison, depending on the degree of possession with which they are charged.

A Skilled Drug Lawyer Will Help You Know Your Rights

Drug-related offenses in and around Seattle are being handled more strictly than ever before. If you’re being investigated for a drug crime in the Seattle area, contact Emerald City Law Group today. Our dedicated attorneys have the knowledge to make sure your rights are adequately protected.

The law is complicated and intimidating, and investigators know how to capitalize on this. Don’t risk being taken advantage of, and contact our firm today at 206-973-0407 to schedule a free consultation.

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