The Lake Forest Park Police Department has stated its intention to crack down on distracted driving. This intention is shared by other cities in Washington, as 2018 has seen a marked increase in “Driving Under the Influence of Electronics.” E-DUI, as it is sometimes referred to, refers to any use of an electronic device while driving. Liability to not limited to when the car is in motion, however; you may be cited for an E-DUI if you’re holding your electronic device at a stoplight or even while you’re stopped in traffic.

Distracted driving is a top contributing factor in car accidents. If you’re injured in a car crash that isn’t your fault, it’s not right for you to have to suffer the consequences. If you’re missing work or running up debilitating medical expense because another driver was distracted, it makes sense that you feel you should be compensated for those losses. A Seattle car accident lawyer will know your rights and what you’re entitled to.

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Distracted Driving Can Lead to Expensive Tickets

When implementing the law that established driving under the influence of electronics as illegal, the state of Washington included a grace period. This was so drivers would not be penalized immediately while they tried to break what may be long-standing habits. The grace period is now over, however, and if you’re not accustomed to the new laws, you may be facing a fairly steep penalty. Under Washington law, your first E-DUI offense will result in a $136 ticket. Your second offense will result in another ticket for $234. If the offense is cell phone related, your insurance provider will be notified of the offense. This means an E-DUI could potentially cause your insurance costs to be raised extensively.

Although insurance providers are only notified for cell phone offenses, driving under the influence of electronics does not only refer to the use of your phone. As a driver, you are also prohibited under the law from using tablets, laptops, gaming devices, or any other hand-held electronic while you are operating your car. The rule is a bit stricter for cell phone use; if you’re driving in Washington, you are liable for an E-DUI citation for even holding your cell phone while operating your vehicle.

Police Say More Emphasis Will be Placed on Catching Distracted Drivers

Police have warned drivers that they will be focusing even more on making sure distracted drivers get E-DUI citations. The renewed focus is partially the result of a day in June that saw over 60 drivers ticketed for using electronics while driving. Police had posted warnings informing drivers of the increased lookout for distracted driving two days preceding the crackdown. Roughly half the drivers stopped told police they were aware of the signs but had continued using their cell phone anyway.

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As a driver, you could do everything right and still have your life altered by someone not paying enough attention to the road. If a distracted driver injured you around the Seattle area, the car accident lawyers at Emerald City Law Group can answer any questions you may have about liability or compensation. To set up a free, no-obligation consultation, call us today at 206-973-0407.

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