A Seattle car accident can leave you or your loved ones badly injured, and you may miss work while also facing large medical bills for your recovery. Getting better and moving on with your life requires seeking compensation from any negligent and reckless party who contributed to your accident, and this starts with determining who was at fault for your wreck. The skilled Seattle car accident lawyers of Emerald City Law Group understand how to determine fault in a car accident, and we know how to successfully negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf and take your case to trial if necessary. If you have been hurt in a car crash, it’s important to seek legal help as soon as possible.

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There Are Many Ways to Find Out Who Was at Fault in a Car Accident

No two car accidents are the same, and in some cases, it’s very easy to establish whose negligence resulted in an accident. Other cases, however, may require a comprehensive investigation in order to determine exactly what happened so that a strong case for damages can be built. With a strong case, your lawyer may be able to quickly recover sufficient funds for you through a settlement offer made by the insurance company of those who were at fault in your accident. Our office has years of experience helping the victims of car wrecks, and we are prepared to use many different methods to investigate your accident such as:

  • Study the accident police report to gain insight into what first responders at your accident observed and concluded about your crash.
  • Seek out and speak with witnesses, including passengers on the road at the time of the accident and pedestrians who may have witnessed the collision.
  • Review photo evidence. This includes photos taken by the police or people involved in the accident or third-party images such as those from nearby security cameras.
  • Expert testimony and accident reconstruction data. Experts who study and analyze car accidents for a living can review your case and clarify many details of what happened.

You Can Help Your Lawyer in Determining Fault for Your Car Accident

Car accident victims can be seriously injured, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed in the minutes and days following a bad car accident. However, many things that you can do to take care of yourself can also help your lawyer as you work to build a strong case for damages from the responsible party. These practical steps will enhance the record and documentation about your wreck, making it easier to prove fault later on. Of the many things that you should do in the aftermath of a car accident, some include:

  • Always seek medical attention for any injuries you have, even if they seem relatively minor. Your health is the most important thing, but your medical record can also help determine damages since it will shed light on the costs and duration of your accident injuries.
  • Contact the police and give them a complete and honest account of what happened.
  • Make sure to write down as many details of your accident. This includes the names and contact information of people who were involved in or witnessed the crash.
  • Take as many photos as you can. Pictures of the crash site and your physical injuries will help your lawyer illustrate to an insurance provider or court what happened and how you have been affected.

Emerald City Law Group Can Help After a Seattle Car Accident

As Washington car accident attorneys who have years of experience helping clients recover compensation after devastating wrecks, we know how difficult this process can be for a family. We also know how to help you recover compensation from the negligent and reckless party. Determining who was at fault in a car accident requires investigating every detail of the case, and this work is made easier when it is started as soon as possible. If you have been in a bad car accident, you will need skilled legal counsel from Emerald City Law Group right away.

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