It’s quite common for there to be the fault of both parties for injuries arising from a car accident. Maybe you weren’t wearing a seatbelt when you got hit. Or maybe you were speeding. Or maybe there was some other event that you were responsible for that would have resulted in less severe damages to you.

If that’s the case, there is no need to worry you can still recover money for your car accident injuries even if you were partly at fault.

Pure Comparative Fault in Washington State

The short answer to this question is that Washington State is a pure comparative fault state. That means that no matter how at fault you are for your injuries if someone contributed to your car accident injuries, they are required to pay you for that.

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An Example of How This Works

Let’s say you are driving down the streets of Seattle, minding your own business, when someone runs a stop sign and t-bones your car. The impact was substantial, your car is totaled, and you broke your arm in the crash. You also suffered a concussion.

But, you weren’t wearing your seatbelt at the time, and that would have likely prevented your concussion.

In this case, let’s say your total award is $100,000 but you were 25% at fault for your injuries because you didn’t wear your seatbelt. In that case the person that t-boned you would still be responsible for paying you $75,000 for your injuries.

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