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The #AskALawyer Show Episode 15: Why are Your Services so Expensive?

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Written by Stryder Wegener

Whenever I tell someone I’m a lawyer, they always want to know, “why are you all so freaking expensive?”

I thought I’d answer that question today on the show.

In case you want the cliff notes version, here are some of the reasons:

1. We are the best in the city;

2. We provide tremendous value relative to our price;

3. The experience our clients have is second to none.

Emerald City Law Group’s focus is on cars. If you get in trouble in a car, whether a DUI, a speeding ticket, or a car accident we can help. We’ve focused on this area because it’s the one place we all go on a regular basis, and each of these problems presents huge opportunities to be taken advantage of if you aren’t careful.

We live by 4 overarching principles:

1. Great Results;
2. Expert Advice;
3. Professional Service; and
4. Economical Price.

What sets us apart from the rest is our tireless dedication to providing the best service and the best results possible. When you call, we answer. When you need us, we’re there. That’s what we promise. That’s what we deliver.

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