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Radar Gun Speeding Ticket? They Can Be Beaten.

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Written by Stryder Wegener

Radar gun tickets probably feel worse than most because it seems like the case is so airtight. I mean, what the gun says is what it says, right?

Maybe not.

In this video I talk about a way that you can beat a traffic ticket.

Topics discussed:

    0:30 – how most people get stopped for speeding.

    0:39 – The right way to act when issued a speeding ticket.

    0:45 – A must check item when fighting a speeding ticket.

    0:55 – Radar guns and science.

    1:10 – How to keep a radar reading out of evidence.

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Stryder J. Wegener is the managing partner and owner of Emerald City Law Group, a full-service law firm in Seattle.